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This moon-shaped Selenite bowl harnesses the power of the moon and the high vibrations of Selenite to clear, cleanse, and supercharge your stones and intentions. The dual-function as an energy tool and a simple way to store your crystals makes this Selenite Moon Bowl an essential part of your crystal collection

As one of the highest vibration stones, Selenite has the ability to clear, cleanse, charge and amplify the energy of your intentions, your environment and your crystals. Because this bowl is made out of Selenite, it not only offers a place for you to store your stones but also a way to clear and charge their energy.

This Selenite bowl is enhanced by the moon shape, which connects to the energy of the moon. As a source of light and guidance, the moon is a powerful energy to tap into to support your intentions. This Selenite Moon Bowl allows you to harness the lunar energy and channel it toward your crystals and the intentions they hold, which can amplify your manifestation power.

Whether you make it part of your moon altar, a lunar practice, or simply use it as an energetically enhanced way to store your crystals, this Selenite Moon Bowl is a crystal-lover’s must-have energy tool.

PLEASE NOTE: Because these bowls are made from natural Selenite crystals, they may have small chips or imperfections from the polishing process. They are each unique and special, and no two are the same!

1.75 inch Selenite Cresent Moon Bowl

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$7.80Sale Price
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